Here we give a showcase of the features of DeskDirector, and how they work.

Logging in to DeskDirector.

Desk Director offers different ways of authentication in order to simplify the process for its users.


This is the most popular feature of DeskDirector authentication. It allows users to just log in without having to enter any log in password.

The Log in process is presented in the following diagram: (AD only occurs in the installed client)

When the DeskDirector client starts, it checks whether the Active Directory (AD) user and the SID are registered in DeskDirector.

If so, if checks that the email is in the AD. If it is in both the AD and the PSA, then the user is logged in, otherwise a contact is created in the PSA.

If the email does not match the AD, then the user must enter their email. This sends the user a one time token.

After the token is entered, the user is logged in if their email is registered in the PSA.

Otherwise, the email domain and domain SID are checked against DeskDirector records. If they are registered with DeskDirector then they are logged in, otherwise their log in is denied.

Global Magic Token

The global magic token is an alternative way to log in to DeskDirector. It allows the client to automatically log in to the web version of DeskDirector.

Global Magic Tokens allow you to send a unique link to an email address allowing the recipient to log in. You can either send a link to log into DeskDirector Web, or directly to a ticket.

The Global Magic Token Option can be found under the Passwordless settings. It is important to remember that anyone with access to a global magic token link will be able to log in as the recipient of the email.

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