General Configurations

This section is the heart of DeskDirector and lets you set various settings, statuses, priorities, etc.

ConnectWise Integration Details

In this section, you will fill in: The ConnectWise company (the ConnectWise instance of your database), integrator login, password, ConnectWise URL, timezone, and language.

If there are any errors in connection, a red ribbon will appear at the top of the page with an error message and how to solve it.


From this screen you can set up Fasttrack, approval, and flag features. The Statuses and Priority above will be used to activate certain features within DeskDirector.

VIP Priority Name: This is the priority tickets will have when they are logged through DeskDirector by a VIP. You need to enter a priority here that you have created inside ConnectWise. If it's set up correctly a green ticket will appear next to it.

Default Activity Assign Member ID: This member is used to create an activity for an account manager inside ConnectWise when one of your clients flags a ticket for review.

Fasttrack status: This status will be used for the Client FastTrack button.

Approval Required: This status will be set for all tickets needing approval.

Approval Granted: Ticket status will be changed if the request has been approved.

Approval Declined: Ticket status will be changed if the request has been declined.

At the bottom of the section you can see all the service boards that have been set up for approvals and FastTrack. Setup requires that you have the approval and FastTrack statuses that you have listed in the admin console created on a service board.


The features section allows you to further tweak some features of DeskDirector.

Show Paid/Unpaid on invoices: Adds a filter to the invoices screen to show only paid or unpaid invoices.

Add computer details to internal notes: Adds an internal note with the client's computer details (machine name, IP Address, domain, username) when the ticket is created. This feature does not work for DeskDirector Web.

Approver Auto-Approve and VIP Auto-Approve: Allows Approver/VIPs to skip the approval process when they lodge a ticket. The ticket will go straight to the "Granted" status.

Change Ticket Status when note added: Changes the status of the ticket to the chosen one when a client adds a note. It can be left blank to disable the feature. For ConnectWise the status must appear on the board otherwise the button will not be shown. The button will only show if closed in the last 30 days. requires Client Console 15.1+.

Client Help Page: Allows to have a page shown the first time a client opens DeskDirector. The page is also available under the My Profile page. If left blank the feature is disabled. If don't show on first launch is selected then it will only be accessible through the My Profile page requires Client Console 14.2.2+, Will not work on DeskDirector Web.


Changes the name of the mobile client.

Interface Settings

(This is only available if you have purchased the Multilingual Feature for DeskDirector) DeskDirector Web is multilingual - in the Interface settings you can add or remove languages from the language drop down menu. You can also change the menu item translations/names for each language.

In order to change the menu item translations, you must select a new language to edit (1). This will show the menu items and their translation. You can then edit them (2).

SMTP Settings

Some features in DeskDirector allow for an email to be sent to a list of contacts. The SMTP settings make sure the email works and allows you to configure how you would like them to be seen.

From Display Name: The Name you would like to appear in your client's inbox.

From Email Address: The email address you want approval emails to come from.

Test Email Address: Enter a email address to then see if you can receive emails with the current SMTP settings. A dummy email will be sent.

You can chose to use a custom SMTP server rather than our own. To do this, click the box "Use Custom SMTP Server" and fill in your details. We recommend doing this to ensure that the mail arrives at the recipient's mailboxes.

Notifications (Pro Plan)

In this section you will be able to select which type of notifications DeskDirector sends to your clients as well as which companies or contacts receive these notifications. There are two types of notifications: Ticket status change and Ticket note added notifications.


To enable notifications you just need to click the enable button and hit save settings. This controls other types of notifications that aren't listed. For instance: chat notifications. In most cases you should always leave this enabled.

Notification Enabled Boards

Allows you to choose the boards under which notifications are enabled.

Notification Filters

Filters allow you to select which contacts or companies receive notifications. In order to add a filter click add and select a company or contact. Leaving this blank means that everyone will receive notifications.

Ticket Notification Status Exception

This feature allows you to control which statuses trigger notifications. Just enter the status name and hit Add Status. Any time a ticket enters one of these statuses, the user will not be notified.


This section allows you to enable the Passwordless feature. Simply tick the box to enable passwordless and populate the form with the required information. If you have set up a custom SMTP Server in the SMTP Settings then we will forward the Passwordless emails through there.

Passwordless Token Email Test

By entering your email address and clicking send email test, we can test if you will be able to receive the Passwordless token email.

Global Magic Token

You can enable global magic token by clicking the enable box. You can then change the link in order to suit your preference for when sending the magic token to a client.

Chat Queues

(Chat is only available if you have purchased the Chat and Presence Feature for DeskDirector.)

The Chat queues allow you to set up the members of a chat. Who can answer and participate and filter the boards they see.

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